BGM is recognized as 2017 REP Top Teams

REP 2017 Top Teams

In business, like in life, there are certain moments that tell you: “Hey, you’re doing great!”

These moments sometimes take us by surprise but they are always welcome and they always feel good.

We recently had one of these moments. We found out that our team was recognized as one of the top teams in the Canadian Real Estate industry in the 2017 Real Estate Professional (REP) Top Teams report.

In honour of this wonderful recognition, we want to share a bit of our history and journey with you. You’ll understand where we came from and why our efforts and dedications are being recognized nationally.

Our Coffee Story: BGM’s History

The First Sip: 2011

After being in the business on their own for many years, Christine and Laurie’s individual success reached a point of critical mass. To maintain their recognized quality service, they were each looking for someone to work with, mostly to cover time off. In 2011, after Christine called Laurie, together they sipped the first of many shared cups of coffee.

The Double-Espresso: 2012-2013

For two years, Christine and Laurie worked side-by-side, yet independently. This “double-espresso” ensured they could provide their clients with uninterrupted services 360+ days a year.

The Single-Serve: 2014

Seeing the continued client satisfaction and the synergy they had while working side-by-side, Christine and Laurie decided to really join forces as full-partners. They became a “single-serve” operation known as Bussieres-Gagnier.

Many More Shared Sips: 2014

In 2014, after doing a deal with Jeff, Christine saw how compatible his work ethics and values were with theirs. Christine and Laurie then shared many sips of coffee with Jeff while discussing further possible partnerships.

The Triple Brew: 2015

In 2015, after many successful deals, a lot of happy clients and a whole bunch of empty cups of coffee, Bussieres-Gagnier-Miller, also known as BGM – Your Ottawa Team, was officially born.

Quality Beans: present

We hear it all the time: we have something unheard of in the real estate world. Together, we are three highly successful individual veteran REALTORS® who came together in a full partnership. The decision was made over a shared set of values and an understanding that client service is what matters most. The values that still drive us today are:

  • complete honesty,
  • caring, and
  • integrity.

You could say that we carefully picked the top-quality coffee beans to make sure you got the best cup of coffee available. Although our flavours are individually distinct, you can rest assured knowing that no matter which bean you fall on, it will be one of quality.

What is the Real Estate Professional’s (REP) Top Teams report:

REP understands that in real estate, teams are built in order to maintain the great level of service that is sought out at an intensifying pace. In this business, reaching a point where starting a team is necessary is a fine accomplishment, but turning that team into an equally successful entity is even more impressive.

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