R.E.S.T – Real Estate Straight Talk – The Journey Begins!

Hey Everyone and welcome to our very first in a series we are producing around the career that we love… real estate.

This is going to be your source for some real straight talk – the real deal, real scenarios, myths and myth busting, the rules, the ethics, the process, the expectations – what should you really expect when you jump into the proverbial real estate waters?

It can feel like you are thrown into the deep end – no water wings – no floaty, no flutter boards, no paddle… just you – up the river and moving fast.

Jeff, Christine and I have been in this business 15, 22 and 19 years respectively – and we’ve decided its high time to get all of you in the loop.

We are always amazed when we hear people have had bad experiences, or come to us with the classic stereotype that we’re pushy used car salesmen, (noooo offense to all you folks that sell cars) and only in it for the money….

So, we thought we would take all our experiences, all our knowledge and start to break it down for you – to give you a baseline – What’s good, what’s bad, and what’s downright ugly.

That way – when you are jumping into this real estate pool – you ARE the lifeguard and the only shock you will get is if the water is freezing!!

Stay tuned – we will be releasing small bite sized pieces in formats of your choice – blog, podcast or video – for you every few weeks and you will be able to find them through any of the links below – our website, our Facebook page, our YouTube channel and our Google business page. To get them right away – head to our YouTube channel and subscribe –  and don’t forget to hit the bell to get notified right away when we post something!

Until then REST easy – we are going to have you covered!

Real Estate Straight Talk

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