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Barrhaven and Riverside South – Ottawa Real Estate


Barrhaven is a fast-growing suburban neighbourhood located in the southwest portion of Ottawa, about 17 kilometres from the downtown area. Located along the banks of the Rideau River, the community is surrounded by a mix of rural areas and farmland, giving it a laid-back, small town vibe.

The neighbourhood is divided into several different sub-neighborhoods such as Old Barrhaven, The Triangle, Longfields, Greenbank, Strandheard, Davidson Heights, Chapman Mills, Stonebridge, and more.

Barrhaven is currently home to an estimated population of more than 72,000 residents, who all enjoy scenic, tranquil surroundings, tons of great attractions, and close proximity to transit.

Barrhaven Real Estate

Barrhaven boasts a fantastic selection of stylish homes ideal for any type of lifestyle. Properties in the area typically consist of single-family homes, but multi-family homes, townhomes, condos, and rentals are available as well.

The area is a great place to call home especially for those planning to raise a family, as there’s a good selection of public schools, private schools, and catholic schools to choose from. There are also a variety of attractions to visit as well, including big box stores, shopping centres, entertainment hubs, and recreational venues.

Quick Facts About Barrhaven

Riverside South

Riverside South is a neighbourhood located in the south end of Ottawa, in the city ward of Gloucester-South Nepean Ward. The neighbourhood was developed in 1996, and was considered a part of the city of Gloucester prior to amalgamation in 2001.

Known as one of the fastest-growing communities in Ottawa, Riverside South boasts a very scenic environment, with over 750 acres of nature reserves, rugged ravines, and pristine forests. Residents and visitors who love the outdoors get to enjoy endless hours soaking in the beauty of nature, as the community has a network of meandering nature trails, as well as a large waterfront park.

Riverside South Real Estate

Buyers looking to relocate to Riverside South can choose from an impressive selection of well-built homes in the area. Properties in the community mostly consist of single-family homes, but semi-detached homes, townhomes, and a limited selection of condos are available as well.

Quick Facts About Riverside South

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