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When the lender is ready commit to your loan, your mortgage broker or lender will have you sign the finalcommitment documents. Signing will typically take at their office. Ask your mortgage broker or lender if there is anything you need to do to prepare for this, such as bringing a photo ID. Allow yourself enough time to review the documents for accuracy.

If funds are being wired: “Wiring instructions” direct the electronic transfer of money between financial companies. If possible, arrange to have the wiring instructions in place ahead of time and checked for accuracy by both the sender and recipient of the wire. It is critical that these instructions be exact, and even so, delays are all too common.


Your mortgage broker or lender will probably call you to confirm that the money has been transferred and the loan has closed. Always follow up with a phone call to confirm that your loan funds went where they were supposed to go. It is a good idea to keep records of this critical phase of the transaction once completed.

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