Butts – 2021

“Jeff and I started looking at houses early on near the beginning of the pandemic. Every house Jeff picked was right for me and my partner. However, I was on budget and wanted to buy something within a range having extra cash flow for renovations. With the strong offers coming in from potential buyers throughout Ottawa, it was difficult to lose out on a couple of houses. What really eased me is Jeff’s patience and eagerness to keep searching for us.

Not too long after, Jeff found a house and said it’s perfect for you. It just needs some minor renovations and paint. He found me a goldmine of a property, I really lucked out with Jeff. To this day, when I show family and friends the property and told them the price I got it for, they couldn’t believe it.

Through this whole interaction with Jeff, one thing that really stood out to me is his honesty. He’s not the type of real estate agent to sell you property to make a quick buck and move on. His honesty is what led me to buying my first rental property shortly after closing my primary property.

I have only used one real estate agent in house buying adventures so I can’t compare with others but when I do speak about the experiences with family and friends, they say to keep that agent, you found a really good and honest one.”

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