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Relocation / HHT

Although we will be sorry to see you go, we have extensive experience in the relocation process.


We will contact a reputable REALTOR® in your destination city who will provide you with the same exceptional services we provide. In most area’s we personally know the REALTOR® and have worked with them in the past.


We will provide you and the relocation company with a completed market analysis of your current home’s value. We are familiar with all the forms and will make sure they are sent directly to your consultant / representative


Once we have determined the best price, marketing and timing for the sale of your home we will assist you with all the documents required to have your home on the market. We will arrange for a professional photographer and videographer to come to your home to capture its value. We will create custom brochures/feature sheets for your home that visitors may take with them.


Just because there is a sign on the lawn and pictures on the internet doesn’t mean it is time to sit back! We actively discuss your property with colleagues, clients and the public in general. We solicit feedback from every person that views your home. We are in touch with you personally at least once a week to provide you with that feedback as well as update you on the market for the past 7 days. We will also make sure the relocation company has their updated market reports and recommendations when required.


We will present any offer to you. You will have three options; accept the offer, counter the offer, or reject the offer. Our knowledge of your needs and will enable us to represent you in the best way possible.


We will review the buyer’s response with you. Our negotiating skills and knowledge will benefit you in reaching a final agreement.


When the agreement of purchase and sale is accepted and signed by all parties, the conditional phase begins. The buyers will have a pre-determined amount of time to fulfill items including home inspection, final approval on financing, getting a quote for home insurance etc.


Congratulations! You now have a firm and binding agreement for a home. We will supply you with a copy of all your paperwork and make sure all the relevant documents have been sent to the lawyers, and if required, the relocation company.


In advance of closing, the Lawyer will be in touch to let you know what you, and they, will need to relinquish ownership. We are always close by if you need us or have questions.


Being your personal real estate advisor is not only our business philosophy, but also a life-long commitment to providing you with exemplary personalized service beyond your expectations. It is also our intention to listen, hear, and truly understand your needs – (a quality of business conduct that seems to have been forgotten in today’s highly automated society). As your personal real estate advisors, it is our job to not only understand your needs, but to respond to them promptly, professionally, and with integrity. It is our pledge to provide you with sound real estate advice, helping you understand the strategies of decision-making and the future implications of the decisions you make. We feel it necessary to provide all of our clients with a relationship they have grown to trust and provide value and service after the transaction so that the changing needs of each of our clients are addressed on a continuous basis.NO MATTER WHERE YOU MAY BE POSTED, WE HAVE SOMEONE TO TAKE CARE OF YOU, SO LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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