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Let us be the first to welcome you to the Nation’s Capital! This page is your first step in the house hunting process. The very first thing we would like to do is have a quick chat to discuss you and your family’s needs and wants for your new home as well as set up the automatic email from MLS so that you get a quick overview of how the market is faring in Ottawa. We do supply you with an out of town package tailored to you. You should receive it within 48 hours of our conversations. If you would like a package, please click HERE.

Step by Step – Our March

The next step in this process is to ensure your pre-approvals are in place with your preferred banking institution or Broker. In the package you will find reference to two or three financial brokers available to you. All of our professionals are well acquainted with relocation requirements as well as any “Buy Down” options available from your Integrated Relocation Program envelopes. Please do call or email us should you have any questions regarding the pre-approval process.

As the dates for your House Hunting Trip approach, we will coordinate with you in order to finalize any requirements and ask you for a list of any of the homes that have interested you so that they may be incorporated them into our showing times.

The House Hunting Trip (HHT)
On arrival in Ottawa, we will do an overview of the area, including schools, transportation, recreational facilities, housing prices and styles. Then we start to look at homes. You will be looking for a home to live in with an eye on resale potential. Location is the first rule in real estate, and has a major effect on the property when you are posted / transferred out of Ottawa and want to sell. While we are very optimistic, we will always vocalize any negatives for the homes you are looking at, always keeping your family’s needs in mind as well as any home’s resale potential.

Once you have chosen a home, we will draft the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, including any conditions that may be necessary. One condition we strongly recommend is having the home inspected by a qualified inspector to determine the condition of the home prior to finalizing the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Once the Agreement is finalized we will forward a copy to your lawyer and your Brookfield consultant. Your final appointment will be to meet with a lawyer to advise you on the legal aspects of purchasing your home in Ottawa.

In your package you will find cards and brochures from some of our highly recommended professionals in both the home inspection and legal fields. All of our professionals are on the Brookfield list of suppliers.

This may sound like a lot to accomplish in the time given for an HHT. In fact, you will find that it all runs quite smoothly. We have been helping Canadian Forces, RCMP, Government of Canada and Corporate personnel buy and sell homes for over 15 years now and are able to guide you through the maze by using your time efficiently. This is not to say you’re rushed through the process. Buying a home is not only a major investment, but will have an effect on your life and happiness for several years. Every effort is made to ensure the decisions are the right ones for you.

House Hunting Trip KIT

For your HHT, we suggest you bring the following items;

  1. Proof of employment and income. Often a pay statement is all that is required; however, the bank will also need a letter confirming employment and salary from your pay office.
  2. Proof of down payment (photocopy bonds, bank passbook or statement from accounts).
  3. Your cheque book – A deposit will be required once you have successfully completed your Agreement, usually between $2,000 and $10,000. You may require a cheque for the bank appraisal or CMHC appraisal ($300-$500) and a cheque for the inspector should you choose not to bill Brookfield directly. ($450-$600). This is the only money that will change hands prior to closing.
  4. The name, phone number and email of your Brookfield consultant and your DND file number (DND20151234).
  5. Slip on shoes – when you see 15 houses or more in one day, laces can get a bit cumbersome.


So that we can arrange our schedules to provide the best possible service, it is important that you advise us of the date for your HHT as early as possible.

We look forward to meeting you and hope you will enjoy your posting!

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