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Sometimes it sounds like REALTORS® just parachute in, throw the sign on the lawn, sell your house and then disappear. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you retain full time, professional REALTORS® like us there are almost 200 small items we take care of for you behind the scenes. Just to give you a quick idea, here is some of what happens while you cleaning and preparing your home, allowing showings and waiting for closing:

  • Verification of information
  • Coordination with contractors / repair persons / cleaners / stagers if required
  • Calling other REALTORS® to see if they have clients that may be interested in your home
  • Checking the MLS® system multiple times a day to verify market conditions
  • Calling REALTORS® on specific properties to verify information to benefit you
  • Providing feedback on any showings
  • Constant contact with potential buyers
  • Preparation of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Entry of your details into our contact management system
  • Constant contact with the REALTOR® representing the Buyer during negotiations
  • Providing proper guidance to you throughout the negotiations
  • Preparing any counteroffers
  • Ensuring counter offers are received by the Buyer’s REALTOR®
  • Recording all additional information required at the time of any Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Ensuring delivery of the deposit cheque upon successful negotiation
  • Once an agreement has been accepted, providing copies to you
  • Helping you decide on legal representation if required
  • Forwarding appropriate paperwork to any lender
  • Forwarding appropriate paperwork to the lawyer
  • Coordinating the home inspection between you, the Buyer and the inspector
  • Coordinating any further inspections that may be required
  • Recommendations for trustworthy contactors to perform any required items
  • Coordinating any appraisals required by the lender
  • Daily contact with the Buyer’s REALTOR® follow progress of loan approval
  • Providing comparable sales used in market pricing to the appraiser
  • Follow up on Appraisal
  • Maintaining contact through the conditional period with Buyer’s representative and lawyer
  • Providing final paperwork to lender
  • Providing final paperwork to the lawyer
  • Providing final paperwork to the buyer or buyer’s REALTOR®
  • Providing final paperwork to a relocation company if required
  • Updating contact management system to reflect closing arrangements
  • Providing recommendations for movers
  • Ensuring there are no changes to the property prior to closing
  • Coordinating any last minute requests from lenders, lawyers, relocations companies or yourselves

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