Rinz – 2022

“Jeff really knows his market, knows the areas, knows the trends and knows how to find the right house for us. We looked at forty properties during our week and a half (Jeff is *very* patient) and wanted to be sure we loved the place we were buying. there were dogs and stars with what we saw but Jeff wanted us to see all the options as we were figuring out for ourselves what kind of house we really wanted, could afford and would be happy with. Of course, we bought at the top of the market this summer, but we felt we did not overpay for the house we wanted in the hyper-competitive, overheated market we found ourselves in.

Jeff went above and beyond to ensure we had all the information we needed to make the right decision for us, helped us find a GOOD home inspector on pretty short notice, and absolutely did not sway or push us in a particular direction. We made the decision ourselves but Jeff helped lay out all the options on the table and we had a secondary offer ready to go in case our first choice didn’t work out (competitive bidding sucks!).

In the end, we love the house we are in and we feel we made the best choice with what was in the market. We could not have done this without Jeff and would not hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone who dares to ask us!”

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